This fall, students of Cumberland Academy of Georgia participated in both Digital Citizenship Week and Hour of Code. Both are national events designed to boost students’ digital education and foster computer science foundations. Students participating in Digital Citizenship Week

Students of Cumberland are continually challenged academically. Teachers and staff utilize innovative techniques to continually challenge students across all academic areas. This fall, the technology specialist at Cumberland Academy of Georgia developed an academics plan for students to increase digital citizenship and self awareness on the internet as well as a plan for students to learn additional coding techniques.

Students and their families participated in Digital Citizenship week first. Students were educated by grade on how to maintain their personal safety while using the internet and were encouraged to practice smart, responsible and safe actions online. “Our high school students were highly involved in preparing for this event. They utilized their knowledge on internet safety to assist with the younger students. They created posters, stories, and speeches about Digital Citizenship Week,” said Debbi Scarborough, headmaster and founding director of the school. “This was a great way to keep our students engaged with this important and educational event.”

In addition to the in-school activities, Cumberland Academy of Georgia urged students and their families to have device-free dinners. “By putting devices away at dinner, our students and their families were able to learn how to set personal boundaries,” said Scarborough. “It also helped our students learn the importance of self regulation and how to limit the amount of time they spend on computers and other devices.”

Recognizing the importance of a computer science foundation for each student, Cumberland participated in the international event called Hour of Code. Cumberland administration believes computer science to be foundational to every industry on the planet. As the work industry changes, Cumberland wants the students to have the skills necessary to compete in a dynamic industry. Many Cumberland students are very technology savvy, therefore, participating in Hour of Code was one more experience designed for each students’ growth.

“Computer science concepts are foundational for any career choice,” said Debbi Scarborough, founder. “Students must have cutting edge academics to succeed in today’s college or career markets. We want our students to have creative and problem solving skills which the Hour of Code will help foster.”

About Cumberland Academy of Georgia: 
Cumberland Academy of Georgia specializes in the needs of students in grades 4 through 12 who have high-functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. Cumberland was founded in 2007 by Debbi and Matthew Scarborough, and is a fully-accredited, independent, non-profit school that seeks to provide a safe and supportive academic atmosphere for its students. Cumberland accepts applications year-round. To schedule a family tour, please contact Terri Brooks, director of admissions, at 404-835-9000, or email