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Which Learning Style is Suitable For Kids With ADHD?

Many children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is a mental health disorder in which a child has impulsive behavioral patterns and is hyperactive. Children with ADHD find it difficult to focus or concentrate on a single item or task for a long time. They don’t sit still in one place and are often disruptive in class. Social skills are sometimes difficult to learn, and as students with ADHD mature, other children can be unkind or even bully these unique children. In some cases, ADHD can be managed in childhood, however, for most people, ADHD challenges continue well into adulthood.

Difficulty in learning for kids suffering from ADHD

Kids with ADHD struggle with certain learning problems specific to this condition. Because they cannot pay attention and concentrate for a long time, they find it hard to retain what they have learned, and it is often hard for them to succeed in a traditional classroom. To help these unique learners there are specific schools that help students fill in the gaps in their learning process. Experienced Teachers who have worked with these special children help to create a learning environment conducive to each student’s learning style. Students gain knowledge as well as self-confidence in their abilities once they are in a positive learning environment.

In schools for kids with learning challenges, teachers study the strengths and weaknesses of children and devise individualized learning plans for each student. Classrooms are centered on the students learning style in effort to achieve success. This focused attention ensures that the child learns in the way in which he is most comfortable. Expert and experienced ADHD teachers and coaches agree that there are three main learning styles of children suffering from ADHD. Specialized schools should appeal to each learning style to be successful.

Popular learning styles with children suffering from ADHD

Though additional learning styles exist for children challenged by ADHD, some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Auditory learners – Auditory learners are those who can learn and retain the learned data and information when they hear it spoken to them. Such learners follow voice speed, tone, inflection, and volume as well as body language in-class lectures and class discussions. Recording classroom lectures works excellently for these students so that they don’t have to worry about taking notes to remember what was taught. With recorded lectures, the student can replay the discussions and listen to parts again and again for clearing doubts and increasing understanding.

Visual learners – Visual learners learn best by seeing. Educational videos with illustrations, colorful pictures, charts, graphs, diagrams etc. are great sources through which visual learners absorb information.

Kinesthetic learners – Kinesthetic learners retain information best when they are physically involved in the learning process. These learners are highly active and super fidgety. They require the ability to move around and explore actively. For such learners, absorbing new information can happen through experiments, field trips, unit studies, skits, crafts, model building etc. 

Importance Of Different Learning Styles In Students

If you are worried about your child’s success in school, you have to make sure that his learning style is identified correctly. A clear understanding of which learning style or combination of learning styles results in the most fruitful environment for your child. Once you understand the way in which your child learns best, teaching methods can be adjusted for maximizing the learning experience.

Students with different learning styles are welcomed at Cumberland Academy of Georgia. Experienced teachers assist each student in the classroom to achieve academic success. Students who enter into Cumberland frustrated often begin to thrive in a very short time. Knowing and understanding a student is the first step to watching them succeed in a classroom. At Cumberland, students and teachers work together to create a positive learning environment and an exceptional school experience.

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