The Navigators represent our middle school students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  Academically, the Georgia Performance Standards are the basis for instruction for the Navigators.  A Student Learning Profile (SLP) is developed for each student.  Teachers conference with parents throughout the year to gain their input and to report on progress in the SLP.  

  • The math curriculum for Navigators is Pearson’s enVision Math.
  • The language arts classes utilize a program called Study Sync which is a cross-curricular literacy program with contemporary and classical texts, dynamic video and multimedia lessons.
  • Science for Navigators is Pearson Interactive Science.
  • All Navigators receive direct instruction and daily re-direction in age appropriate social skills. The Navigators participate in age appropriate field trip experiences like the autumn white water rafting trip, the Carlos Museum, the Georgia State Capital, Camp Soar in North Carolina (2 overnights), and Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama (2 overnights).   Students will gain insight on manners, routines and basic cooking in a restaurant, at Young Chefs’ Academy or at California Pizza Kitchen.