autism school in atlantaThe Explorers include students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Academically, the Georgia Performance Standards are the basis for instruction for the Explorers. A college preparatory curriculum consisting of 23 Carnegie Units is available to all students demonstrating the ability to handle the rigor courses. A Student Learning Profile (SLP) is developed for each student, and teachers conference with parents throughout the year to gain their input and to report on progress in the SLP.  All Explorers receive direct instruction and daily re-direction in age appropriate social skills in the classroom and on field trips. The Explorers participate in a variety of field trip experiences such as the autumn white water rafting trip, the Atlanta History Museum, The Titanic Exposition, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the cities of Savannah (2 overnights) and Nashville (2 overnights). Explorers learn and practice theatrical and public speaking skills through the Music and Video Production enrichment course offered. Additional life skills experiences include learning manners and restaurant etiquette and frequent visits to Salud and California Pizza Kitchen to prepare lunch. Students also study financial management and instruction in transition into employment and/or college through class study and on site company visits. Drivers Education is also offered during autumn and spring. Each graduating senior prepares and delivers a farewell address during the school wide Cumberland Graduation Ceremony.