After School Program

Extended Day Program- EDP is offered Monday – Thursday. It enables students to complete their homework under the tutelage of a teacher. After homework is completed, there is social time. The cost is $15 per day and same day requests are honored.

Screen Free Game Club- Students may bring their own board games and card games to play with others, or they may use games provided at school!

Girl Talk– This international non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program meets twice a month. The premise is to have high school girls mentor middle school girls to help them build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and value community service..

Chess Club- No experience is needed! This fun game has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention. Taught by a chess master, this program includes videos, fun tournaments and trophies.

Robotics– When this club is offered the fun program deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Students will design a project and culminate the semester with a demonstration / competition.

Tae Kwon Do– Any student can join this Korean martial arts class, which emphasises controlled movement with an emphasis on kicks.  Students learn discipline, respect and self defense.

Bowling Club – Students are bussed to Stars and Strikes in Sandy Springs to practice their bowling skills!