Cumberland Academy of Georgia began with the need of a mother of an Asperger’s Syndrome child to find an appropriate school for her son. Left without options, this mother began a school to help children with high- functioning Autism as well as ADD, ADHD and other learning differences. From the desire to help other families, Cumberland was founded. For the past eight years, Cumberland has attracted students from all over Atlanta and the surrounding counties. Most students study college prep academics while some follow a career/vocational track. In addition to academics, Cumberland is unique by integrating social and life skills into students’ schedules. Students learn how to interpret social cues and demonstrate appropriate social pragmatics, as well as practice social skills through teacher and counselor instruction.  

While at Cumberland, students enjoy art, physical education, music therapy, experiential outings & overnight field trips, social classes, speech classes and life skills such as Young Chefs class. Students are encouraged to participate in after school sports and activities. Cumberland has cheerleaders, basketball players, track stars and cross country participants. Many of these students have never participated in a sport before coming to Cumberland! Cumberland Academy of Georgia is fully accredited by one of the more rigorous accreditation organizations, SACS CASI. Teachers utilize the Georgia Performance Standards Common Core as the basis for curriculum.  
“My son loves Cumberland Academy of Georgia. We moved from out of state so he could attend this amazing and supportive school. The teachers get to know their students well and teach to their learning styles. My son also takes part in a lot of the sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. After years of fighting school systems for an appropriate education for my son, we have finally found it at Cumberland.”  

-From JS, parent of Cumberland student

Cumberland Academy of Georgia does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender identity, veteran status, sex, age, or sexual orientation in employment, admission of students, or in providing its services in any manner. Cumberland Academy of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.