The Pioneers include students in 4th and 5th grade.  Academically, the Georgia Performance Standards are the basis for instruction for the Pioneers.  A Student Learning Profile (SLP) is developed for each student, and teachers conference with parents throughout the year to gain their input and to report on progress in the SLP.  

  • The math curriculum for Navigators is Pearson’s enVision Math.
  • The language arts classes work on the fundamentals of decoding and comprehension through the Wilson Reading Program.
  • Fifth grade also uses the Imagine It reading series and Wordly Wise workbooks to develop vocabulary.
  • Science for Pioneers is Pearson Interactive Science.
  • Social Studies classes use Building a Nation and Growth of a Nation.
  • The Pioneers participate in age appropriate field trip experiences like the autumn white water rafting trip, the Stone Mountain Village, Alliance Theatre, Camp Twin Lakes (2 overnights), and Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama (2 overnights). To enhance appreciation of the arts, Pioneers receive art and music therapy classes.  All Pioneers receive direct instruction and daily re-direction in age appropriate social skills.  Students experience additional life and social skills such as manners and restaurant etiquette.  Additionally, Pioneers learn basic food preparation during visits to Young Chefs Academy.
  • Pioneers also have a community skills program. The purpose of the community skills, or community-based instruction, program for our Pioneer students is to learn appropriate social and life skills in the community. Students will work on skills practiced and taught at school. While in the community students will work on budgeting and math activities, and making appropriate and safe choices. Some days in the community will include going out somewhere for lunch. Students will have to speak appropriately with restaurant staff and personnel. Weather and location permitting, students will have the opportunity to begin exploring the use of public transportation. Part of this program will also include community service / volunteering. On these days students will work to help out an organization in our community. Teachers and counseling staff members will accompany the students on the trips. Location examples: Target, Walmart, Perimeter Mall, Insignia Retirement Community, The Atlanta Community Food Bank, Tellus Science Museum, Bulloch Hall, Chili’s, Jason’s Deli, and Chick-Fil-A.