The Trailblazers class is composed of students of varying ages who will experience more success with a different type of curriculum.  The learning objectives, based on the Georgia Performance Standards, which are typically implemented in Cumberland classes, will be adapted to the students in the Trailblazers class. The Trailblazers also achieve greater success with limited transitioning to different teachers and classrooms during the course of their school day. All Trailblazers receive direct instruction and daily re-direction in age appropriate social skills.  The Trailblazers participate in age appropriate field trip experiences like the autumn white water rafting trip, the Atlanta History Museum, and Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama (2 overnights).  Trailblazers are encouraged to participate in cross country, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, track and volleyball depending on the student’s athletic interest.  In addition to these activities, students learn and practice theatrical skills through the Cumberland Performing Arts Program.  Additional life skills experiences include learning manners, routines and basic food preparation in a restaurant setting such as Young Chefs Academy.