Atlanta Autism School Cumberland Academy of Georgia Joins Global Movement Hour of Code

On December 11, Atlanta autism school Cumberland Academy of Georgia participated in the Hour of Code, a global movement to introduce children to computer science and prepare them for successful careers in the digital age.

On December 11, Cumberland Academy of Georgia, an Atlanta school for Autism, participated in a global initiative known as the Hour of Code, which introduces computer science to students in the classroom. This online program provides hour-long programming lessons for all ages and skill levels, no experience needed, emphasizing the impact of technology on all aspects of life.

This year alone, over 120 million students signed up to participate in the Hour of Code in over 180 countries. These one-hour lessons made students aware of the impact that technology has on their lives and the importance of computer literacy for future success in any 21st century career path. Utilizing games and puzzles with exciting tie-ins from modern brands such as Disney’s Frozen, Angry Birds, Minecraft and Star Wars, young boys and girls learned the basics of coding in fun and engaging ways. The program is backed by an unprecedented coalition of celebrities and major companies, including President Barack Obama, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft, Apple, the College Board and more.

Coding requires students to think outside the box, nurturing problem solving skills, logic and creativity. Autistic individuals, like many of the students at Cumberland Academy of Georgia, have minds that are well-suited to coding and computer science, with the ability to devote all of their attention on a task until it’s finished, paying close attention to details others frequently overlook. The Hour of Code tutorials use simple drag-and-drop games to introduce programming concepts, providing Cumberland students with a visual way to understand coding that works well with autistic children, who tend to be more visual learners.

“This school-wide project was a great way to introduce our students to the foundations of coding,” said Jennifer Liang, teacher and technology specialist at Cumberland Academy of Georgia. “It’s not about becoming fluent in C++ or JavaScript. Instead, it’s about learning to solve problems and think logically. These skills are vital for students in any career, including computer programming. Moving forward, teachers will encourage students to keep practicing and using their skills to be powerful creators.”

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